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Call for Proposals.

Fostering Connections Between Industry and Academia

The Call for Proposals for the 2020 Colorado Adult Learning Symposium taking place on August 14, 2020 at the University of Denver is currently closed. 

Suggested Session Topics

Alternative Credentials & Upskilling

From badges to non-credit certificates, alternative credentials impact both institutions providing the education and organizations requiring the skills. Topics in this category could cover how alternative credentials resonate with the market, the type of credentials employers find valuable, ways the institution delivers opportunities to upskill, and more.


Career Pathways 
Discover career pathways and how they can meet industry and individual student needs. Consider content related to engaging the industry to link and validate credentials, or how to go about upskilling the workforce.


Case Studies & Lessons Learned 
How does the past inform the future? Share what you’ve learned from your own experience, whether successful or an epic failure.


Inclusive Practices
Whether training staff or teaching students, integrating inclusive practices should be a priority. A wide range of topics are covered within this category, including multi-generational audiences, differentiated instruction and training, equity and diversity, and global considerations.


Partnerships between Academia and Organizations

Partnerships abound between academia and organizations, and the topics to explore are endless: future needs and trends when it comes to partnerships, potential ROI, ways to leverage just-in-time learning, and beyond.


Virtual Engagement

“Zooming in” has become a common phrase – are you prepared to virtually engage your students, staff, or stakeholders? Topics could include software, remote delivery of content, virtual teams, and ways to keep remote workers and students motivated



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